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Taste new international snacks and learn facts about Caribbean islands. BE ADVENTUROUS but do so ON A BUDGET!

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Missing Your Favorite Caribbean Snacks? Now you can have them again!

Take a blast to the past and eat some of the delicious snacks you grew up on! It will bring back memories. We have Banana Chips, Roughtops, Ginger biscuits, Shirley Biscuits and Cheese Trix and more! Who can forget these? They are delicious!

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How It Works- (Snack Crates)


Choose from our SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE sizes. Try a variety of flavors that makes the Caribbean so unique!


We have a selection of snacks for each snack crate. If you would like to substitute something, just email us! Your taste buds will be glad to try something new! 


We will ship your box within 2 BUSINESS DAYS of you purchasing! NO WAITING weeks or months for your snacks. You get to open your box and taste the delicious flavors Caribbean people love and you will love them too!


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I found out about TastyIslandCrate on youtube and i just knew i had to put my order in as soon as i was able to lol . My order came in today but that was due to delay, for couple of days , also due to bad weather we experienced here in Louisiana. Other than that , great customer service and ive enjoyed my snacks so far . This was well worth the wait :)

– Jossieann H.

I received the snacks earlier than i expected and they were just as good as i remember them from back home. Brought back lovely memories and I’m looking forward to buying the bigger pack later on this year :)

– Javanna G.

My family & I enjoyed the treats & I will be ordering more from Tastyislandcrate.com thank you .

– Katrina L.

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