How To Travel and Try New Foods Without Actually Leaving Your Bed

How To Travel and Try New Foods Without Actually Leaving Your Bed

Nowadays, we are way too busy to travel. Whether it be lack of money or time, we don't get to travel as much as we would want to. Now we have alternatives. We can taste a little bit of different countries right from home! 

1. TastyIslandCrate

With TastyIslandCrate, You'll get to taste Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados and Dominican Republic through snacks. They have a mixture of chips, biscuits, cheese snacks and candy from the different islands. These snacks aren't sample sized. You get 5- 20 full sized snacks depending on which box you choose. 


2. MunchPak

With MunchPak, you’ll get an assortment of the some of the best snacks from around the world. If you subscribe, you get to experience different snacks every month. If you are adventurous and want to try something new, give them a try! 


3. SnackCrate

SnackCrate has monthly themes that allows you to taste snacks from a different country every month. They have done snacks from Japan, Korea, France, Australia, Sweden, Philippines and more! If you want to experience a new country every month, try them!


4. Japan Crate

If you want to try snacks exclusively from Japan, then Japan Crate is for you! You get to taste the most popular Japanese snacks they have to offer. 


5. Try Treats 

Try Treats is similar to Munchpak in that you can try different snacks from around the world. They do not have a theme like SnackCrate but you still get to try a variety of snacks that you have never tasted before.