Virtual Tourism in the age of Coronavirus

Virtual Tourism in the age of Coronavirus

I can imagine how many people had plans this summer. I know a few people who wanted to visit America for the first time. I personally wanted to go to a new country to experience something different. Cruises were cancelled. Many flights were cancelled. Now we have a flight ban on where Americans can travel to and rightfully so; the cases here are still increasing. Now… what do we do in this case? We have to get creative. How can we still “travel” but stay at home while doing so?

1. Watch Travel Movies!

There are plenty of great travel movies that can give you a glimpse into different cultures!

Vicki Cristina Barcelona takes you to Spain.

Lost in Translation take you to Japan.

Under The Tuscan Sun takes you to Italy.

Amelie takes you to Paris.

The Grand Budapest Hotel takes you to Germany.

Bend It Like Beckham takes you to London.

Fast and Furious franchise takes you all over the world!

2. Have a staycation!

Since we have to stay home, why not change it up a bit? Order different cuisines from Postmates or UberEats or Grubhub. Try something new!

Play games! We grew up on Twister, puzzles, card games on world geography!

Try an inflatable pool, grill, or have a picnic in the grass. Bring back your childhood and get creative! Lighten the mood and enjoy every moment.

3. Try International Snacks!

There are a few websites where you can buy snacks from different countries to try!

A. TastyIslandCrate

With TastyIslandCrate, You’ll get to taste the Caribbean through snacks! They have a mixture of chips, biscuits, cheese snacks and candy from the different islands. These snacks aren’t sample sized. You get 5- 20 full sized snacks depending on which box you choose.

B. MunchPak

With MunchPak, you’ll get an assortment of the some of the best snacks from around the world. If you subscribe, you get to experience different snacks every month. If you are adventurous and want to try something new, give them a try!

C. SnackCrate

SnackCrate has monthly themes that allows you to taste snacks from a different country every month. They have done snacks from Japan, Korea, France, Australia, Sweden, Philippines and more! If you want to experience a new country every month, try them!


If you want to taste a little of the Caribbean or want to reminisce on what it was like back home, try out our snacks below! 👇🏾

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