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TastyislandCrate will give you a feel of the Caribbean. Instead of having to travel to get our delicious snacks, our delightful snacks will come to you. At TastyislandCrate, we’re all about the Caribbean life and we want to give you a feel of what locals eat. We source from the best brands to bring you the greatest variety of snacks at the lowest prices! All products in your TastyislandCrate box are always guaranteed to be full-sized, delicious goodies. So try a box today to get a feel of the Caribbean.  


A Word From The Founder

The idea of TastyislandCrate came to me after I spent a summer traveling. I got to experience the different varieties of food that each culture has to offer. Being a Jamaican myself, I felt that it would be great if other people can experience these different foods without traveling. They would not have to wait to travel to a country to experience new foods. So my team and I put together this idea of a Caribbean snacks service that can provide you with an experience of different snacks. We will give you a taste of the Caribbean life.



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