About Us

TastyIslandCrate was born to give you a little piece of the Caribbean while living your day to day life. Whether you are someone who has never tried Caribbean snacks before, or a Caribbean expat living in the US, we are here to provide you with all the Caribbean snacks you will love. All of our snacks are made mostly in Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados.  Our goal is to give you a taste of Caribbean food and culture and to give West Indians a reminder of home. Most of our snacks are also made without the harmful ingredients that are in most packaged food snacks today. Caribbean foods tend to be healthier because they have less preservatives than regular brands.


Meet The Co-Founder. 

I am originally from Jamaica. I moved to the US when I was 18, and have been here ever since. I will forever love my homeland. It has shaped the person I am today! I think what I miss most is the food! The fresh produce you get when you go to coronation market. The street food you get and just the flavors that made everything taste great. I started this business because I know if you don't live in the major city where Caribbean people live, it is hard to get these snacks. I am happy to be able to provide snacks to people who miss the food they grew up on. I am also excited to share with the rest of the world, what the Caribbean has to offer. We are more than just nice beaches, reggae and soca music. Our culture, our food, our way of life is great as well!

Thank you for stopping by!