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COVID 19 Updates

Due to COVID, and the increase in online sales, shipping carriers have a higher volume than usual. This may cause shipping to be delayed. Most of our customers receive their goods within 1-5 business days after we ship. However, if your package takes longer, it may be delayed. Please reach out to us if your package takes longer than 10 business days to arrive! Our email is support@tastyislandcrate.com 

What is TastyIslandCrate?

We're a Caribbean snacks company that delivers a surprise mix of Caribbean treats. We have small and large and jumbo sized boxes for you to try!   

Is this a subscription box service? 

We are not a subscription box service. Whenever you purchase, it is a one-time payment only. We do not charge your card monthly for our services. 

How does it work? - Snack Crates

Step 1. Choose Your Crate Size. We have ORIGINAL, LARGE AND JUMBO crate sizes. 
Step 2.  Complete Your Checkout. Complete your checkout and input coupon codes if applicable. 
Step 3. We ship your box within 3 business days! 


Shipping is FREE for snack crates! Excluding Alaska and Hawaii residents.  $9.50 for shipping on snack crates. 

How do I know what's in my crate? 

To know what's in your box, check the description of each crate. We have a full list of the snacks that comes in the crate. 

How do I choose my own snacks?

You can choose your own snacks by going to the "Choose Your Own Snacks" section of our website!

Choose any amount of snacks you want to buy. Shipping for this section is $9.50 for US residents. $15 for Alaska and Hawaii residents. 

Do the snacks have any food allergens?

The snacks in our boxes may include any of the following food allergen: wheat, milk, nuts, and soy. If you are allergic to any of these, please reconsider ordering a box

What payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx). We also accept Paypal, Google Pay and Amazon Pay. We do not accept cash, check, or any virtual forms of payment at this time.


Where do we ship to?

We ship within the USA and US territories. We also ship to FPO/Military boxes.  We do not ship international at this time. 

How much does shipping cost?

Within the US, shipping to all 50 states is free for SNACK CRATES ONLY. This excludes Hawaii and Alaska residents. Due to the upcharge in shipping to these states, we charge $9.50 for shipping on snack crates.


For individual snacks, shipping is $9.50 for US residents and to FPO/Military boxes and $15 for Alaska and Hawaii residents. 

How quickly do we ship?

All orders are processed and shipped within 3 business days. We will update you if this changes. You will receive an email confirmation upon shipment.


How do I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed a tracking number. 

I check my tracking and my package hasn't moved! 

While we wish we could speed up how fast you get your package, we unfortunately cannot control any delays that might happen while your it is in transit. Please wait a few days for the tracking to be updated. 

My package was marked delivered but it is not here! 

Carriers sometimes mark the package as "delivered" before it is actually delivered. There is often a lag time but it shows up in 2-3 days. 

If your package does not arrive within 3-5 days of being marked as delivered, we ask that you contact your local post office first and then contact us at support@tastyislandcrate.com so we can proceed with the next steps! 

After product is received

Will you replace damaged/missing items?

If your box arrives damaged or is missing items, please take photos of it immediately and contact Customer Service within 5 days of its arrival for a replacement/refund. If we do not have any exact replacements available, we may send you different snacks and depending on the circumstances, may issue a refund. 

I think my snacks are expired! 

Countries in the Caribbean write their snacks in the DAY/MONTH/YEAR format. We would never sell you expired snacks. We strive to sell the freshest snacks possible! If you're worried that your snack has expired, send us a clear photo of the snack along with expiration date to support@tastyislandcrate.com so we can check and resolve the issue! 

My chocolates were melted! 

If you live in an area where the temperature gets really hot, it becomes more difficult to guarantee chocolate will arrive in great condition! The chocolates may melt in transit. A quick fix for this, is to put it in the freezer for a few minutes then eat! We cannot be held responsible for any temperature-related melting caused during shipping as the other products we sell are not cold products and we do not want your snacks to arrive frozen. 


Disclaimer - All prices listed on this page are in US dollars! 

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